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At Mineral Insight, we believe the best way to value mineral rights is to look at what the market is actually paying. That’s why we provide our users with real pricing information from over 400,000 mineral rights transactions.

By reviewing nearby comps, both mineral owners and industry professionals can communicate better, come to terms faster, and close deals with confidence. Our never before seen transparency creates a more efficient marketplace, creating value for both mineral owners and industry professionals.

Mineral Rights Owners

  • See Nearby Lease & Sale Transactions¬†
  • Get More Offers to Lease or Sell Your Mineral Rights
  • Report Offers You’ve Received to Lease/Sell
  • Mineral Management Suite

Industry Pros

  • Define AOIs
  • Monitor Activity
  • Receive Targeted Deal Flow
  • Close More Deals
  • Understand Pricing for Divestitures
  • Identify More Buyers for Your Positions

Features Overview

Spatial Mineral Lease and Sale Comps

Access data for 400,000+ historical mineral lease and sale transactions, all visually displayed on our interactive maps.

Property Search

Quickly locate properties using legal descriptions with our property search tool. See your saved properties highlighted on the map and easily explore lease and sale comps in the area.

Mineral Insight Marketplace

List properties for free in the MI Marketplace to receive additional lease and/or sale offers on your mineral rights. Users report that accepted offers are an average of 25% higher than existing offers.

Leads List for Industry Professionals

Sign-up for the Mineral Insight Leads List to receive targeted deal flow directly to your inbox for free.


Consolidate your mineral rights portfolio. Store lease and sale offers, ownership information, and related documents in one easy to manage location

Analytics Tool

Interactive list views, map filters, charts, graphs and data visuals enable users to perform in-depth market research and analysis.

Fast. Easy. Free.


Data Sources

Trusted. Verified. Secure.
Public Records

We search federal, state and local transaction records and combine all relevant mineral rights lease and purchase information into one centralized location

Community Members

Access exclusive information anonymously reported by fellow users of Mineral Insight

Private Sources

Our partnerships with large-scale private mineral owners provide us with access to exclusive data sets that have never before been made public



Hear what our users are saying about us

“Another giant step forward for royalty-owner access to Big Data level graphics and analysis.”


Mineral Owner

“Mineral Insight gives a nice visual representation of where the activity is located, and another means of obtaining information on lease offer amounts in a particular area.”


Mineral Owner

“It’s so rare to find a site that is actually useful, I got so into putting my info in, then telling other friends, I completely lost where I came from.”


Mineral Owner


Community Guidelines

Tips to Maximize Your Experience

Mineral Insight aims to provide the largest, most trusted and transparent marketplace for leasing and selling mineral rights. We undertake extensive data cleaning and validation processes to help ensure the accuracy of our data.

Pricing information that is contributed by users always remains 100% anonymous, and Mineral Insight will never share identifying information with other users or any third parties. We reserve the right to remove any user inputted data that appears to be misleading and/or that cannot be verified by the Mineral Insight team.

Our goal is to create a community atmosphere that provides transparency for the fair market value of minerals, bringing companies and owners together. The open sharing of knowledge and information among all users helps create a more efficient marketplace.

Please do not take advantage of other members. We reserve the right to suspend or delete the accounts of users intentionally providing misinformation or attempting to manipulate other members.

User who opt-in to the MI Marketplace are doing so voluntarily, and are free to list their minerals elsewhere. Users are not required to accept any offers submitted via the MI Marketplace.

Please do not list any minerals in the Marketplace that you do not own or have explicit permission to market on behalf of the owner. We do our best to verify the ownership listed in the marketplace is accurate, however we are not accountable for any misrepresentations of ownership. 


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