Frequently Asked Questions

Using the Mineral Insight Beta

No, we are currently only open for Beta testing. This means we are allowing users to test our product for free in exchange for some honest feedback. This will help us provide a more polished service at launch by streamlining the most useful features and fixing any bugs.

If you’d like to participate as a Beta user, create an account before time runs out!

Yes, Beta accounts are free. In the future we plan to offer a Free account for basic use, as well as paid Pro and Industry accounts for advanced and specialized features.

Users who opt into receiving additional offers for their minerals are eligible to receive lease and/or purchase offers for properties they have saved on Mineral Insight at no additional cost.

Yes! Listing is always free, and you are never obligated to accept an offer that we present you. In the event that you do accept an offer from the MI Marketplace, we will charge a brokerage commission similar to a real estate agent. Mineral Insight charges a commission that is paid by the Lessee, or buy side, upon closing. This pricing structure keeps listings 100% free for the mineral owner. Check out our pricing page for more info.

Mineral Insight welcomes all individuals or companies interested in acquiring leasehold or mineral interests. We believe a two-sided market creates the best competition where both sides win. However, we reserve the right to revoke access from unqualified buyers.

No. We are strictly a data company striving to provide never before seen visibility to mineral owners and buyers in the mineral lease and purchase market.

Information Privacy

Your name is not shown or used publicly, and is not publicly associated with any of the information you add. All lease and sale information that is displayed on the platform is completely anonymous.

The offer information you enter into Mineral Insight is added to our existing database of lease and purchase offers, and is only shown to other users completely anonymously. No information that you enter will ever be shared with a third party in any manner other than as an anonymous data point on our map to be used as a comp by other users.

Absolutely not. Any Verified Buyers that issue an offer via the Mineral Insight platform will not be able to see which mineral owners their offer is being issued to, or if those mineral owners have any other outstanding offers.

Data Sourcing

The points come from users like yourself, and other private and public sources. We have spent a considerable amount of time assimilating the most comprehensive spatial oil and gas lease pricing data set available to the general public. But we didn’t stop there! We have made it our duty to continuously maintain, update and discover any and all relevant data that will give our users a clear picture of the current market.

This data is derived from human input in addition to official documents. Humans can make mistakes, but we offer our best consultation, and encourage you to speak with a professional before making any final decisions.

We’ve put procedures in place to identify, remove, or correct inaccuracies, errors, and malicious attempts of deceit. In addition to the Baseline Bonus Per Acre value, we also provide you a list of all offers that meet your filter settings, enabling you to perform your own research and analysis. If you have any questions or concerns, give us a call or drop us a message!

We support nationwide coverage for both oil and gas leasing prices as well as mineral sale pricing. However, some states have limited comparisons (comps) due to lack of 1) oil and gas activity, 2) public information, 3) general user ownership and reporting.

Baseline BPA

We wanted to give users a quick indicator of what current bonus prices look like for a specified area. When a simple average failed to provide a good representation of the data set at hand, we went on to create a custom algorithm that did a better job. We are always working to improve the algorithm, but we feel it’s a good starting place for any negotiation.

No, it is an estimated fair market value. It is not an appraisal in the sense that it is not an estimated ultimate recovery (EUR) value. It is simply an estimated lease bonus amount based on recent comps in the area. This estimate is one data point, and it should be supplemented with your own market research or consultation with an industry professional.

The Baseline BPA values are updated automatically when new data is entered into the platform. The frequency with which BPAs are updated will vary depending on the level of activity within a given area.

The Baseline BPA is an estimate based on the available data within a certain area. If there is scarce data for an area within the platform, or all of the data is relatively old, the Baseline BPA might not accurately reflect current market values. This is another reason why it is important to only consider the Baseline BPA as one data point, and always supplement it with your own market research.

Still have questions? Contact Mineral Insight