Mineral Insight for Mineral Rights Owners

Find Your Mineral Property

Mineral Insight has created a simple, nationwide property search tool. Simply enter your legal description to save a property, zoom to tract, and instantly see your mineral assets displayed on our map. After saving a property, finding it again is as easy as the click of a button. All saved properties are stored in the drop-down for quick access.

By incorporating Google Maps, MI provides users with familiar functionality allowing them to easily navigate to their mineral tract, pan the map, zoom in or out, and toggle between the traditional map view, satellite view or street view. 

See Nearby Lease & Sale Comparisons

Understanding the market value of your mineral rights has never been easier! Our platform of 400,000+ lease and sale transactions allows users to see what others in their area were actually offered to lease or sell their mineral rights, similar to an MLS for real estate. Click to see the date, royalty, bonus per acre, term and issuing company for each offer. View both closed deals and unaccepted offers to identify active companies paying top dollar in your area, and see how your offer stacks up. 

Our platform utilizes a custom algorithm to estimate a Baseline Bonus Per Acre which gives users an idea of prices in the area. Pan the map, adjust filters, and sort results to analyze the transactions that are most applicable to you. Our tools and comparisons give owners the confidence to close knowing that they got the right deal. We are constantly adding new comps to our database, so be sure to check back regularly for updates.

Mineral Insight Marketplace

No Contracts. No Fees. Just More Offers. – The MI Marketplace is a no hassle tool designed to make transactions between mineral rights owners and companies more efficient than ever. There are no contracts or listing agreements required, and signing up is free and easy. It just takes a few clicks of the mouse.

List your property on the MI Marketplace and let us do the work of getting you more offers. Just enter your desired offer terms, and we’ll reach out to our network of industry professionals to help you maximize the value of your mineral rights estate. Listing is always free, and you are never obligated to accept an offer that we present you.

In the event that you do accept an offer from the MI Marketplace, we will charge a brokerage commission similar to a real estate agent. Mineral Insight charges a commission that is paid by the Lessee, or buy side, upon closing. This pricing structure keeps listings 100% free for the mineral owner. Click here for our commission structure chart.  

Join the MI Community

At Mineral Insight our goal is to provide pricing transparency to the mineral lease and sale industries. We do this in-part by collecting transaction data from both public sources and large private mineral rights owners. However, one of the best ways to provide transparency is to create a community that encourages the sharing of information among mineral neighbors, and that’s what we’re aiming to do. 

When MI users enter an offer they have received to lease or sell their minerals on the Mineral Insight platform, that offer is added to our database and becomes an anonymous comp on our map. Other users will then be able to see this offer, and use it as a reference to evaluate an offer they have received. With enough users entering offer information Mineral Insight can create complete visibility in the industry so that all parties know the current fair market value of mineral rights in any given area. This system allows our users to share information with each other, all while protecting the anonymity and privacy of the users providing the offer information. 

Simple Mineral Management Tools

Mineral Insight provides free basic mineral management software to help owners stay organized. No more paper maps and file cabinets. Click to save tracts to your properties page. Input and compare your offers. Upload the offers you get in the mail, leases, deeds and any other relevant documents, and Mineral Insight automatically saves them in a chronological timeline that outlines the life of your mineral estate. Mark which tracts are leased and which are unleased. Stay in the know and take control over managing your mineral portfolio!